• We did it!!

    Posted on March 17, 2012 by Tim in Project Update.


    Thank you to all 50+ donors! I’m very proud to say that on March 15, 2012, less than 8 months since the first Murphy School Project was announced, we reached our goal of $10,000! Construction of a grade 6 school house in the community of Mwangaza, Kenya will begin soon. What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you so much to all of you for your generous donations and raising awareness. We are truly going to make a positive impact on the young children of Mwangaza by allowing them to continue their education in their own community.

    I’m also very proud to announce that Murphy School Project has decided to match Building Walls of Wisdom goal of 10 schools in 10 years! Our second project, the Grade 7 school house for Mwangaza,  will be online very soon. And our third project will be to build the Grade 8 school house.

    Our goal of $10,000 was achieved a few days ago in thanks to a large donation from the school where I teach, AIS Kuwait. March 15th was International day and proceeds from all t-shirts and button sales went towards our project. The remaining proceeds will go towards our second project. I was also fortunate to speak in front of the entire student (K-12) body and faculty, over 1800 people. The project received a lot of great feedback and several students and teachers were inspired. It was a beautiful day.

    The next update will be about Murphy School Project #2 very soon!

    Once again, thank you to all donors.


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