• The 2nd Murphy Project is now accepting donations!

    Posted on April 23, 2012 by Tim in Project Update.

    The Murphy Project is now raising funds for a second school house in Mwangaza. In fact we are 27% the way there…thanks to my school’s International Day, my good friend Jamie Lynch’s Grade 6 Advisory Fundraiser, Arun Parmar’s NCAA basketball pool and a few other donations.

    I recently received an update from Russ Morgan of Building Walls of Wisdom regarding our two project:

    The first school is going to be built along side two other school houses in Mwangaza to support the  current demand for students one to five. Generally speaking in terms of schedules, no more than a couple builds per year to ensure that the government can secure enough teachers for the project.  I am working to get the exact date of when the build will take place as it is of course dependent on seasonality, trips, etc. As for the second school, it is too soon to tell if it will support an incremental grade or an additional grade. As we get closer to the goal for the second school, we will be able to secure more accurate information.”

    I should be getting another update from Russ soon. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far, very soon our first school will be built! And we are well on our way to our second.


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