Ghana – Tofikia & Yapala *current*

We at the Murphy-Hull project are excited to announce that we are going to help two different communities in a single project!

Tofikia Primary is in urgent need of repair after a storm blew off the entire roof of the school. Yapala Primary is also in need of latrines to improve sanitation at the brand new primary school.

With very active teachers and an involved PTA, Tofikia Primary has been an effective school for the children living in Tunaayili Community. Our partner, Create Change, was able to add a rain water harvesting tank to the school in 2009, and it has been actively maintained by both local staff and the school. Three months ago however, in a storm the school had its roof completely ripped off and another classroom destroyed. With the rainy season coming, the school is now desperate from support as the school will only be damaged further, the harvesting tank will not get filled with water, and the children will miss school as the rains beat down. The school and parents have already managed to raise money for a few poles and wood to turn the destroyed classroom into a pavilion. They are now looking for remaining funds to complete the pavilion and to re-roof the entire school so effective teaching and learning can continue.

Yapala Primary has a brand new three classroom school thanks to the support of Building Walls of Wisdom. Now we to tackle yet another problem for the school: sanitation. We to build two pit latrines to improve hygiene at the school. Not only with the latrines provide a safe place for children to relieve themselves, it will also offer an opportunity for all the children attending Yapala to learn about the importance of hand washing, proper hygiene, and the importance of good sanitation in communities.

Latrines are an incredibly under rated necessity for communities in developing economies. They allow the waste to be contained, opposed to being washed into a communities water sources when the rainy season is upon them. This of course drastically improves the health of the community by improving the quality of their water.

We encourage everyone to contribute to this project so we can make a big difference in both communities!